Tiffany Luv Wright
All lyrics, poetry, short stories, and novel excerpts are the sole property of Tiffany Luv Wright Copyright 2013

Why can’t these feelings just go away?
Why do I allow them to stay?

I think of your memory and it is a tiny fleeting moment in my day.
We break under society and its concept of love.

But was love not the gift from above?
I find the little signs that led me to you.

And all the sunshine in the world cannot change my color from blue.

We wade through the darkest of the night.
With dreams in tow on the dark wings of flight.

I want to kiss you and whisper in your ear,
But instead all I find is one lonely tear.

“Careful with my love”,
you said softly.

And now I’m not even sure I can find my feet.

“Come back to love me and see”,
you cried down on one bended knee.

All I could see is my own fear,
And the darkness that was creeping near.

“I’ll hold you and keep you heart safe from the night.”

Those were the words I heard,
As I learned to conquer my own fright. 

When the storm finally broke,
I had learned to use your love as a cloak.

Synchronicity was the candle and paths light.

And the dawn will always come after the darkest of night.

All who wander are not lost,
We simply find the path to one another,
no matter the cost. 

Live, love.  Follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram @tiffluv78

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