The Simplicity Of Love

When you transform your life and start living from a place of gratitude, life becomes simpleLove becomes simple.  You just let people be who they were intended to be.  You take the hardships, and the lessons that accompany them and you grow.  You move back and forth from uncomfortable and comfortable.  Eventually you start to recognize that when the uncomfortable emerges there will be comfortable following.  But not a complacent comfort.  It is the kind of comfort you get when you finally give in to your heart and its voice.

When you try and live through logic only, and disregard what your heart is telling you to do, eventually it catches up to you.  The heart and mind have to be in sync.  No amount of comfort or complacency can evade the heart. 

When you tell yourself it was or, is “just” a feeling, you are denying your own truth.  Sure you can change the negative feelings to positive feelings over time.  But there is an acknowledgment that also has to take place.  The feeling, if disregarded, will just exist there until you address it.  For some people it only takes moments, others it takes years.   Years are stripped away from them before they acknowledge their feelings and are able to move past the lesson to be learned.  Or the moment to be seen.  We hold the key in the very palms of our hands.  Hold that key tightly, and cherish it.  Because when you meet others, you need to understand that sometimes we are the key, and sometimes we are the lock.  There is give and take.  There is magic in realizing anothers importance or worth in our lives. 

I struggle everyday.  Most of you know that.  I fight every single day to attempt a life of gratitude, other days are obviously better than others.  I try my hardest to be there for those who need a shoulder even when it feels like my own small shoulders can’t hold anymore weight.  It is always a surprise to me, when they seemingly can.  It can be difficult, but it is rewarding to see how we need one another. 

I am grateful for the tiny feelings, and the huge feelings.  I am grateful for steps that were taken, friendships that have been formed, and the love that seems to remain, even when I am at my worst. 

No one is perfect.  Love isn’t about perfection, until you see the imperfection.  And then it becomes imperfectly, perfect. 

Hope is tiny.  But as long as it remains, it has the potential to create some of the most beautiful stories in the world. 

We are lucky to have free will.  We are lucky to be able to have the internal guide of our hearts, and the mind as our servant. 

Gratitude comes from a deep place.  It allows you to love, and simply be loved.  Even in your worst moments, and through the worst choices.  When you are grateful, and you express that gratitude, there is love that follows even the darkest of storms. 

Take no breath for granted.  Take no moment for granted.  Seize every opportunity you have to be honest with your heart, for the answers will always lie inside of us. 

Live, love. 

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