Letting Go, Holding On

Sometimes everything changes. 

A storm rolls in and the thunder and lightening can become too much.   We take shelter, and we ride it out.  We hide from the dark, threatening clouds. 

We need those darkest of days to appreciate the light of the ones to come.  It helps us embrace the rainbow.  I’ve learned that without a little bit of camouflaged struggle, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate thoroughly, the lighter moments. 

Every once in a while we meet people who we were simply, supposed to meet.  It’s our choice if we choose to follow fate, and allow something that was supposed to happen, just happen.  Sometimes we run far away from it, as fast as we can, because it scares the shit out of us. 

Those people spark something inside us and no matter how many times we try to cover that spark up, or put it out, it just won’t die. 

The memories, the way they spoke, smiled, or moved…stay with us. 

But it’s more than that. 

Their memory makes it hard to breath.  It makes our hearts beat faster.  It makes us feel.  They made the “numb” go away.  They breathe a life into us that we might have believed to be lost.  Forever, and just like the spark from a match, we are reignited. 

When you encounter those people save yourself from having to rely on those memories. 

Don’t let them go.  Don’t let them walk out of your life.  Take their hand and hold it tightly.

Fuck pride, or worrying about what others might say.  Learn to love those moments and people from your life, for their purpose is to teach us to not let go.  Their purpose is to help us embrace the amazing way our hearts desire calls to us.  

The Brothers Roberson have a song called “I can’t make it okay”, and one of the verses says “Have you ever been so afraid of choosing the wrong thing, that you chose it anyway?” You can follow the link to purchase their album, which, by the way is phenomenal.  That verse keeps sticking out in my head.  It probably will in yours too, because you know that exact moment when you chose the wrong thing out of fear.  You analyzed it and eventually you chose the wrong thing, because you over-analyzed the right one because it was unknown.  Because it felt uncomfortable, and foreign.  You chose comfort.  You stayed where you knew it would be safe.   

Don’t allow yourself to make the wrong choice out of fear.  Push past the uncomfortable fast heartbeats…recognize those receptors your body sets off, recognize who you are supposed to allow into your heart.  And simply, do it.  You know the ones I speak of.  Their memories flashing before your eyes right now, the way you pushed them away because their energy or passion scared you, and at the same time ignited you deep inside.  The next time you meet one of these beautiful people, keep them close.  Don’t let their memory be the only thing you end up with in the palm of your hand.

Live, love.

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Danielle shared this song with me last night, and I thought I would share it here.  I love this! Enjoy!

Passenger “Let her go”


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