What matters most?

What matters most?  Why do some affect us so little, and others make it so hard to breathe?


Why do we pay attention to the things that do not matter, and toss away the things that do?  Only to realize what was lost?

Why do we hang on so tightly to faith and hope when the thread is wearing so thin that it might just break?  Strand by strand it unravels until there is only one tiny thread connecting the two to our heart? 

Then there is a catalyst.  Always a cataclysmic event that bursts and blows everything we thought we had learned out of the water, only to add more questions? 

The rare occasion we open our hearts, sometimes they get broken, sometimes they don’t.  Why do we hang on to the times it was broken, so tightly?  The memories drowning out the beautiful, only held by that tiny thread, until another catalyst shows itself to us. And we are reminded to hold tightly, once again. 

We all have the ability to forget.  Maybe not to forgive and forget, but to forget.  Some of us force the memories to go away, until they are lost forever. 

I was thinking today about how sometimes we aren’t paying attention because we are holding on so tightly to the times we were broken.  We walk through life in a haze, almost in the dark, feeling our way through with the palms of our hands.  We forget that we can hear, smell, and see the tiny flickering of light up ahead. 

We forget that sometimes, we ARE the tiny flickering light up ahead for others who are watching us closely, learning from our stumbles through the dark. 

We should be careful with our thoughts, and our words, for thoughts eventually become words, and once they escape the lips, we cannot take them back. 

I think about myself, and the friends I have, and the way we guide one another.  The way we watch the others story unfold, holding our breath, waiting for our own to engulf us into a flame of love and light. 

We learn patience through trial.  We learn to fight through the hard times.  And for me, I’m learning to be okay with not necessarily seeing the future with a clear and precise vision.  We can plan all we want to, but sometimes there are funny little surprises planned for us we don’t see. 

Someone comes along, or something happens, and it jolts us out of our mundane routines.  It reminds us to hold on tightly to our faith and hope once again. 

What is it that matters the most to you? 
Live, love. 

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Have a great week! 

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  1. JenBugg

    Incredible!! I read a few of your other posts as well and I was going to comment before but my phone kept messing up and stealing what I wrote!! But the one word that kept creeping into my mind while reading was serendipity!! And since my phone is being a pain let me also add I love your post on entanglement as well!


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