The Storytellers

Untitled by Tiffany Luv Wright
All lyrics, poetry, and novel excerpts belong to Tiffany Luv Wright 2013

She cried in silence
She cried in vain
She cried for the beginning and the end that never even happened

Stumbling through tears of sadness
Devoted to her intentions
Holding on to the hope that drives a soul

She cried in happiness
She cried in regret
For the first time

Walking through the foggy mess that had been born
Understanding the journey
And yet, hoping for clarity

She will walk this journey alone
And yet blanketed in the silence of love
For those who walk with us, hold a hand silently
And we are not alone

They cry in silence
They cry in vain
They cry in happiness
And they cry in regret

But they hold our hands tightly
And they, will never forget

I create stories.  I search for the good and the love offered up in the tiniest moments of inspiration. 

I take meaningless moments and make them mean something to someone.  I spend countless hours so focused on creating characters and moments that spark an emotion in someone else, and it does the same for me. 
I see these moments and I see the simple and yet complex beauty at once. 

We should experience love.  We should be aware of our affect on others and we should pay attention to those tender and fleeting moments of chemistry with another human being.  No matter the type. 

I write about them.  The smallest thing for you, might spark an incredible story in my mind.  It isn’t crazy.  It is the mind of an artist.  To see the minor details and weave them into wonderful escapes. 

Keep writing.  Keep sharing.  Keep feeling. 

If the story dies, then all hope is lost, after all. 

Live, love. 

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I am launching a huge campaign this week, and please check in for updates.  The link is live on Indiegogo, however, I want to take the time to explain the nature of our voyage into the unknown and we are sorting out minor details.  If you are curious, you can search out “Building From The Heart” on Indiegogo and add your contribution now.  As always feel free to connect anywhere you can find me. 

#Listening #FallingSlowly Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova


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