In The Palm Of Your Hand

I was thinking this morning of the profound way paths tend to cross.  Sometimes when they do, it takes years to see the immense way they can affect our future.  The people we call into our lives at a time of need, before the need actually presents itself.  Isn’t it funny how the Universe protects us long before we see the potholes coming?

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I think of the anniversaries coming up of two of my very best friends (5 years! woo-hoo) in the entire world.  I know I write about them a lot.  But Michelle and Danielle are two women I couldn’t see myself living without.  They keep me sane, and yet insane at the same time.  They constantly remind me of who I am and the importance of staying true to who I am, living from my heart and soul.  They are constantly reminding me of my own human nature, and never proceed to judge the way I live my life.  They see my dreaming and passion as an extension of my heart and soul, and they push me to be true to those dreams.  They encourage my temper and intuitive living, and yet discourage the worse traits I carry.  They love me for who I am, the beautiful disaster that others probably see.  Because they took the time to learn who I truly was. 

I have just in the last few weeks added more people to the collection of amazing encounters.  My amazing Taurean, Rebecca and the beautiful Pisces from Portsmouth.  I just have so many people to be so grateful for who are looking out for me, and truly embrace the mystical dreamer that I am.  I know their presence in my life has purpose. 

I thought about regret this morning, again.  And even through everything, I regret nothing.  When you think about regret, you can tenderly remind yourself of the positive things that have came out of what might appear to be the wrong turn, or wrong decision.  When in fact it wasn’t wrong at all, there is always a reason.  There is always a lesson that unfolds further down the path. 

I was also in deep thought after a thought provoking realization last night.  In regards to love and the threads that tie up the fate of our lives, I thought about “full attention”.  The conversation sparked exactly what I have been searching for.  In all relationships.  I give my full attention.  Always thinking of the people in my life, attempting to reach out a hand, even if I cannot see how I can help.  Never in my life, until now in my friendships, have I had anyones full attention.  I keep my circle tight, and while it’s a large, engulfing tornado of amazing people, my inner circle is extremely tight.  Why is that?  Fear of acceptance?  Fear of the fact that some might turn my dreaming ways into a joke?  Probably.  But those who love the way I do, understand it.  They accept it.  They are slowly teaching me that it is okay to be who I am. 

I’d much rather have my dreams sitting in the palms of my hands where I can get a clear view, as opposed to the blurry edges of my fingertips where they can be quickly dismissed as only disregarded and crumpled up visions. 

I’d much rather have my love sitting in the palm of my outreached hand where it is visible, then to be locked up and have to be pulled out as if it were wrong.  Love should not be hard to see.  It should be visible.  It should simply, consume who you are.  You should never hide it, or be embarrassed of those feelings. 

So keep it in the palm of your hand where all can see, and I promise, even though timing is the control, that you will be rewarded.  Because someday, you will notice all of the people in your life who saw your visible love, and responded with love

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March 2013 horoscopeYour key to this month Leo is to avoid promising more than you can give to others. Keep those commitments that you have already made, but keep some for yourself.

From the 1st through the 20th will be a tender time for you Leo. Pisces Sun floats dreamily though your house of intimacy and conjuncts with romantic Venus on the 11th. Try not to overestimate what you are feeling right now; it can be only a symptom of the planets and the Sun. Temper your urges with a strong dose of common sense that will turn your dreams into reality.

During the first half of March you long to travel. You might be able to fill your need for travel by attending classes or learning a new language. Watch the Discovery Channel and become fascinated with your environment.

Your sense of adventure and travel rises higher on the 20th and 21st as spring begins, Leo. Plan your moves carefully during these days and try not to ruffle the waters. Make corrections as you move on through the month. Intense negotiations happen as Pluto squares to the Moon. You may find that there are many pleasant promises.

March 1st brings you the perfect combination of softness and strength. Pisces in her most compassionate and the Sun makes favorable bowing motions to Pluto and Saturn. Trust your judgment in relationships and don’t go too far. Give you heart to someone who is worthy of it. When you care about people they will care about you.

March 4th though the 7th asks you to take a careful review of your relationships. As Mercury retrogrades back into the Sun you will find that your relationships are not what they should be. Do not initiate partnerships or relationships during the 4th through the 7th. Set up priorities and focus on one subject at a time. Do be conservative in conversations and beware of stirring up angry emotions.

On March 6th and 17th you will need to make every would you say count. You may not get the cooperation you need if you come on too strong. As the Sun alignments with Saturn you may see that the physical weather in cloudy and your emotions are also fuzzy and hazy. On the 17th of March you will definitely need to watch your words, you temper, and your emotions. Don’t be catty, but do be forceful.

March 20th, through the 23rd will bring you feeling quite enthusiastic about your life. This is the spring equinox and you need to begin to make new changes. Are you living in the right place and with the right person? I think not. Make changes that will benefit you. You will be twitching with anticipation and need a change. Make it a good change for if you behave impulsively you will upset others and suffer conflicts that will cause pain and suffering. Keep your emotions and ideas original.

On the 28th of March you will literally hear the call of the wild. Let unconventional tastes an exotic attractions spice up your life. Fresh and full of vitality Spring will be a part of your life and give you a new feeling of enthusiasm and fun. Be happy. Now is the time to let go of winter.

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