Revision and New Chapters

As I type my house is filling with the scent of Mag Champa and Bergamot.  Two of my favorite smells lately.  The Bergamot oil is mixed with distilled water.  You can use it as an energizing air freshener.  The Mag Champa, an incense stick, gives my home a peaceful scent.  I use it for meditation, when I find the time to reflect and ask for answers.  It smells like my favorite store in the entire world.  I could spend hours going through the books on balance, harmony, and astrology.  The quirky corner store, Renaissance, is one of my favorite places in the world. 

After much thought, and many deep conversations with my counterparts who really tear apart my writing.  They remind me to be true to myself, and to write the real story, I have decided to pull The Wooden Girl From Nevada.  This story isn’t over.  And I am not finished writing it yet.  The ending doesn’t fit.  It was missing something.  A few very important characters and ridiculous twists, and I have to add them.  It’s driving me insane!

A few recurring dreams can be associated with the pull.  The missing tattoo, the very sand that my toes were sinking into, the smell and sounds associated with the dream, all little indicators that this story has only broke a tiny edge above the surface.  It’s reaching for that next crescendo. 

An “AHA!” moment with a friend last night, analyzing the answers to my questions that come from our subconscious, was what sparked the final decision.  A sigh of relief was breathed in my closest of the close.  The texts and messages pouring in, cheering the re-writing of that ending.  It was a little overwhelming, but, exciting as well. 

The reasoning? 

A look in a window of the future, and an echo of the past.  I think of those words with a smile.  Because some of you automatically know what I am speaking of. 

Well, if I gave away all of my secrets, then there wouldn’t be one fucking ridiculous story brewing, would there? 

For now, you all will have to sit back and just let your imaginations run wild, and know…deep down…that the continuation has a purpose.  We all, in time, will see the ending that the story deserves. 
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Have an incredible week!  Live, love


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