Lost and Found

They stood on the shoreline
Listening to the tide as it slowly rolled in
Bringing silver lined waves along with it
The moon watched calmly from the night sky
The light sounds that come from the night waters
Bathing their ears with each wave
The stars above giving their approval
Slightly blinking through their tears of joy
She stood wrapped up in his arms
Turning, she gently took his hand
Placing it over the pale skin that covered her heart
He looked in to her eyes with silent curiosity
“Feel, just close your eyes and feel”
He could feel the tiny organ
That would fit in the palm of his hand
Beating along with each breath she took
Standing there alone with her, on the sand
When he opened his eyes
Hers were filled with the sparkling tears
As silver as the lining on the ocean waters
Soon, one lost drop
Gently graced her cheekbones
“It’s been yours since the day we met”
She responded in a low whisper
For the first time he saw her
For the first time he could feel her
“Even when you hurt me”
Another tear rolled down her cheek
He caught it with his fingertips
And lowered his lips to hers
He took her hand
Placing it over his own beating heart
“Every beat of mine will be spent healing yours.”
They stood in silent understanding
She returned to her position in his arms
Still feeling his heart beating in his chest from behind her
While hers was beating with pain
His was beating with love
Each breath he took was an attempt at healing
The silent black and silver sky agreed
The stars twinkling back their approval
Each wave moving with the beat of their hearts
Restoring the balance of the lost and found

Poems, novel excerpts, and lyrics are sole ownership of Tiffany Luv Wright Copyright 2012-2013


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