"The Wooden Girl From Nevada"

I struggled today with posting an excerpt from my latest book.  I have gone back and forth with it.  Maybe because I am transparent, and yet, not very good at being transparent.  I guess I am the ultimate, indecisive female. 

But I was inspired to start writing over the weekend, and it has literally rolled down the hill and turned in to a giant monster.  I have never been so compelled to share a story in my life. 

This will be the one, and only, excerpt that I share.  I anticipate being finished with this project by the middle of next week.  I have wrote over 30,000 in words since the weekend, which is incredible for an author.  The inspiration has poured out of my heart and soul.  And I am excited for the release of “The Wooden Girl From Nevada”.  All I will post is the excerpt, no details, and no hints as to what it is about.  You will have to wait for that.  But it is beautiful, and it is original.  And it is sitting in a special place, right next to my heart. 

I sent more photographs to possibly be used in the cover art today, and am super stoked to see what Danielle comes up with in her creative mind. 

I have been so lucky to have such a great support system over the last few days to be able to really push through and set a finish date for the book, that I just want to express how grateful I am. 

I get silly texts reminding me to keep my head up, and silly tweets with jokes or funnies attached.  I get phone calls and I get random pictures with silly notes attached.  Like this…thanks, Dustin, by the way!

Why can’t elephants go skinny dipping? 

Because they can’t take their trunks off! 

Welcome to my daily life, filled up with funny and incredible people!  Another fantastic friend who blogged about my blog, can be found here, I want you to take the time to see who he is, and what he is trying to do.  I am very proud to call him a friend, and I am very proud of his words.  Sending you love, Jeff, you know this!  Here is the link.

I still believe that everything is happening for a reason.  I just haven’t been shown why, just yet.  The details are still safely tucked away somewhere in the Universe. 

Happy Tuesday!  Lots of love to you all! 

And without any further ramblings, I give you the first and only excerpt from “The Wooden Girl From Nevada”.  Enjoy, and as always, please send any feedback to me either on Facebook, Twitter @Tiffluv78, or leave me a message here.  Please remember, this is raw, and un-edited.  It’s a process.   You just get a little sneak peek. 

“The Wooden Girl From Nevada” by Tiffany Luv Wright 

She rose from her chair and headed to the bedroom to get dressed. She carefully picked out the black lace top that Rhett loved so much, and paired it with her favorite jeans. She would actually put some effort in to her looks tonight. Rhett was playing at another local joint, and he would probably call her out and sing to her. It was romantic, and all of the ladies in the bars usually enjoyed it.

She curled her hair, and pulled some of it back. Slipping in to her black boots and pulling them over her jeans, she glanced in the mirror. She thought about Ryan. If they were still speaking she would have sent him a text, teasing him about going out dressed up. He would have responded with “Well, you’re mine, don’t forget that.” And it would have made her smile, because it was true. She sighed, and reached for the earrings setting on the dresser, and slipped them in. She grabbed her coat and headed out the door.

When she got to the bar, she parked the car where she could find room, there weren’t very many spaces left. Rhetts band was gaining followers quickly, and they were sought after often to fill a room. Usually it ended up being standing room only for the most part, with people shoved against each other waiting for him to play.

She walked in the door.

It was like he knew she was there, he looked up at her. He was sitting on the edge of the stage, getting ready to play, with his guitar in hand. He smiled his warm, country boy smile.

He was good. He was right, and he wanted her. He didn’t want anyone else. Only Rory. That was nice. Even with his traveling, she never feared his heart would end up with someone else.

He rose and placed the guitar gently down on the stage. When he made his way to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, and brushed her hair away from her ear.

“I’m glad you came. I missed you.” he said softly. His lips grazed her ear.

She smiled up at him.

“Me too.” she responded. Her heart was beating fast. She was lying. But she had too. It was better than being alone, and it was the right thing to do. Rhett was the right one for her. He was here, and he was safe.

“I have to start soon, are you staying with me tonight?” he winked at her.

She nodded in response. “Yes, from this night on, I suppose when you want me to.” she smiled softly at him. She reached out and brushed his cheek.

“Well, that could be dangerous.” he laughed. He bent down and placed a kiss on her lips.

“Don’t be kissing me here, you’ll have all of these ladies upset with me.” she winked back. “Go, play. I’ll be right here.”

He smiled back at her. She could see it in his eyes. He loved her. He wanted her for his own. And she would give in. She loved him, too. She was just confused, that was the problem. That was all it had been with Ryan, was confusion. She needed to be grounded and stay level headed. Love wasn’t some fairy tale that happened with a far off prince. Love was safe and comfortable.

She knew that was a lie, also. But she would make this work. How many girls would think she had lost her mind? Here was this beautiful man who was completely taken with her, and she was going to just throw it all away over some heart break from another man in New Hampshire. Another man who wasn’t even real. He had lied and deceived her. He was a stranger now.

But in her heart, she knew that was a lie too. She knew he had felt exactly the way he had told her he felt. She had seen it in his eyes. She had heard it in his voice. For whatever reason, she had not been good enough to convince him to follow his heart. And he had chosen Justine.

She sat down at the bar, and ordered a drink. Then she turned to watch Rhett as he started to play.

This was where she was supposed to be, right? She let the music drown out her thoughts. She would settle here. It was where she belonged.

February 4

He stared at the letter in his hands. This was the fourth one he had received. Had she lost her mind? People didn’t write letters anymore. Why didn’t she just text, or send it in an email? He wasn’t even sure he wanted to read it. A small part of him was annoyed that she was proving to be exactly who she had said she was in the very beginning of all of this. She was indeed a passionate and loving artist who still hadn’t given up. She was indeed a woman who would stand by his side, even when he acted like a complete and total asshole. What exactly was she trying to prove? That he was wrong? He shook his head and ran his finger down the envelope. Justine would be annoyed with this too. She was already pissed over the first letter, and the others that had followed, and not too mention the Christmas gifts she had sent him.

He thought about the small box he had opened last week. It had only contained a tiny travelers guide and a map to Paris, and a glittery ornament shaped like the Eiffel tower. She had also put in a handmade owl ornament for Addy. She knew Addy had a love for the winged creatures, because she had shared the same love for them. There were three owls perched on a branch, and the names Ryan, Addy, and Princess had been penned under each one. She had inscribed the book on the inside, and told him that she was just going to tell him she loved him first, even though she had vowed to wait until he had said it first. The card had a glittery Eiffel tower on the front, when he had opened it up it read “It’s January!”. She had taken a sweet conversation they had, and turned it in to thoughtful and heart felt gifts. He remembered how happy she had been when she told him she had found the perfect gifts for him.

He thought back to the conversation they had about going to Paris.

She had said she wanted to be kissed in front of it. And that it was her dream vacation. Soon, he was lost in thought remembering everything about that session on the computer. He thought about how he wanted to just kiss her period, it didn’t matter where they were.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. I really want to go to the Eiffel tower, and I want someone to kiss me in front of it, like in the movies. That’s pretty girly, huh?” she had smiled at him. Her eyes glowing with excitement at the thought of being kissed in Paris, along cobblestone streets, and under the stars.

He loved it when she smiled, and when she talked about love. It brought life to her eyes, and she literally glowed.

He had chosen his words carefully.

“Well, I’ll take you in twelve years.” he smiled at her through the camera.

She had looked back at him, with a confused expression.

“Twelve years? Why twelve years? Why not go when we are young?” she laughed at him. The sentiment had gone right over her head. He laughed back at her.

“Why are you laughing?” she asked, confused again.

He smiled at her. He had never wanted to kiss someone so badly, then he had in that moment. He wanted to take her in to his arms and feel her breath on his lips.

“Because in twelve years, we will still be together, just like we are now. I’m not going anywhere.” he said softly and smiled at her with sleepy eyes.

Her cheeks flushed quickly, and her hand flew up to her mouth. She laughed softly and hid her face.

“I am so embarrassed, I didn’t even catch that.” she was still smiling, with her rosy cheeks. He loved it when she blushed. It brought out her innocence. It gave him proof that she was real, and she felt something for him.

He shook his head and glanced over at the box again, he had thrown the items back in to the box. Maybe he should at least put them away. The letter she had sent along with them, suggested he just throw the books out, that she couldn’t keep them at her house. But he couldn’t toss them out, he had tried.

Now here she was sending stupid love letters. He read through the short message and tossed it back in to the box. Justine would be pissed.

He pulled the letter back out, and read it again.

Dear Ryan,

I’m sorry I skipped a week. I’ve been thinking a lot about what has been happening, why we were supposed to meet, and what this all means. Maybe you were right, maybe I let my heart lead me too far down the path. I probably will try to slow down on the letters, maybe it’s time for me to let it go. I guess I didn’t hang in there very long, and I’m sorry for that. I start my new job on February 4th, and I can’t take any time off for 3 months. I used some of my taxes to file for the divorce, and that will be set up for March. Crazy, huh? Things have calmed down here since the Holidays have passed, and now I’m just looking forward to Spring. It’s right around the corner, your favorite month! It’s is calm now, but it’s going to get busy again, soon.

I’ve decided to let this, well, to let you go. I just can’t hang on. I’ll still send letters, and I’ll still be here, it probably will just space out. And in time we will both find our paths.

I’m sorry that I caused confusion with you and Justine. I never meant for this to end this way. I’m still not upset with you, how funny is that? For some reason a tiny part of my heart will always belong to you.




Maybe she was seeing someone, probably her friend in the band, he was obviously in love with her. The way he followed her around and sent her messages all of the time. He felt a pang of jealousy. What the hell was wrong with him all of a sudden? A tiny piece of her heart? He didn’t want a tiny piece, he wanted the entire thing! He looked down at the letter in his hands again, he was going to lose her for good.



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