Cover Reveal

Danielle did a fabulous job.  I’m not going to ramble much today, as I’ve hit 35K in words so far and still going.  I was up way too late last night, and way too early this morning writing, but still going!  Enjoy your hump day!  Coffee, coffee, freaking coffee! 

“Your imagination is your preview of lifes coming events.” ~Albert Einstein


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Cover reveal for “The Wooden Girl From Nevada” by Tiffany Luv Wright  This cover is the sole property and ownership of Tiffany Luv Wright and Danielle Hoxit. It turned out beautiful for two nerdy, stuck in the 40’s friends embarking on this whole “Indie author” career.  Lots of love Danielle, I couldn’t get through much of anything without Germany by my side.  *raises an eyebrow*  Enjoy your dinner out my lovely friend! 

Here it is!  **squeals with excitement** Soon to be on a Kindle shelf near you!


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