I found some of my poems the other day while cleaning off my desk, thought I’d blow off the dust and share here.  Enjoy! 

Poems, novel excerpts, and lyrics are sole ownership of Tiffany Luv Wright Copyright 2012-2013

When I close my eyes, I feel you.

Until the sun peeks through the window,

To remind me that the day is near.

When I feel the sunshine on my face,

I still feel you.

A thousand miles can separate us,

And the sun could rise and set,

Another thousand moments in time,

And I will still feel you.

Only you. I saw you.

When I close my eyes,

I still see you.

It’s like an image burned in to my mind,

Like morning needs the night. Two complete opposites.

It’s like a thousand birds taking their flight.

If we let our dreams die,

Then we are left with nothing.

They are our dreams.

They are our only and sacred possessions.

They are not measurable by distance, or days, or weeks.

They are measured by what is felt in the heart.

Deep in the soul.

And when the sun sets tonight,

I will still feel you. And I will still see you.

Because it was what it was supposed to be.

A dream dancing on our fingertips, it was a dream we could touch.

It will be the same dream.

When the sun sets, and when the sun rises.

Even in the darkest of night,

You, will still feel me.

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