Standing In Front Of Me

Mr. Kessinger, I know you read my blog, so I’m directing my first paragraph to you.  You are fabulous, and a great friend.  When I told you that you described yourself too lightly, you did.  And when you told me you trusted my advice last week, I doubted myself.  It’s been so incredibly hard for me, and huge ups and downs.  And for a split second I thought to myself, “what if”?  What if there isn’t any magic left?  What if I was leading you down a blind path of disappointment and regret? 

Well, without going in to details because my story is just beginning, I will tell you I have no doubts.  I have no doubts that there is magic out there and that the Universe is listening with everything she has.  I have no doubts that when you hold on to your dreams and what your heart is telling you exists, that something shifts and in her own time, the magic is delivered.  Signed, sealed, and set right down in to the palm of your hand.  It happens.  It exists.  And it’s beautiful. 

And to some it’s going to be unbelievable.  It will be a foreign concept to hold on to something so fiercely.  To believe in something that isn’t logical.  But if you don’t hold on to it, you lose the lessons of the heart.  And you miss the entire purpose of our short lives on the planet. 

It can be happening right now, and you don’t even know it.  And then when the shift completes its cycle, you are left standing in front of something so powerful and right, that there is no turning it away.  You know it, because you feel it.  It is right, simply because it is right.  It isn’t painful, or tragic, or clouded.  There are no regrets.  And if you had not lived with the lessons of the pain, and let go of the fear, that is when it happens.  But I don’t know that it shifts until the Universe believes you are ready, and until you let go of the fear.  Until you learn to accept the pain and the darkness, then in exchange, she hands you the happiness and the light.  I accepted it weeks ago.  And I put everything on pause.  And I spent time trying to see what lessons I was missing.  All of the people who had crossed my paths over the last few years, weeks, and even days, and I started to see it.  It was like finding the missing pieces of a puzzle I’ve had lying around for years.  And when I started to put the pieces in their proper places, I started to feel things shifting and clarity settling in.  And it was okay to breath.  The pausing worked, A.  It worked for me.  If only for a few short weeks. It helped. 

I was so focused on the happy ending, that I had lost the entire point of the story.  Now, I see the story.  And it’s unfolding, and it’s beautiful.   And it’s most importantly, magical.  And though some might be blinded by it, that doesn’t affect my story.  Because it’s real.  And in my world, where I get to make the decisions, and I get to believe in fairy tales, and I choose to see the good, beauty and wonder that were given to us, that is okay.  And when I say I believe everything happens for a reason, I can.  You don’t have to, but I can, and everything that happens to and for me, I see the reasons. 

I have collected so many beautiful people over the last few months, and I wouldn’t trade any of their purposes for anything. 

And there’s someone else reading,  you’ll understand when I post the video I post.  Because some how, far away, you know.  You see me, and you just, know.  And it’s beautiful. 



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