Collecting People

     I have had a ridiculously busy week.  And stressful, and yet once again staying positive and counting my blessings put a smile on my face each and every day. 

Even through these tough times, I can stop each day and take a look around and realize that my little family is tough as nails, and we are getting through each day with less pain.  And gaining more ground.  We are learning to function as a different unit.  We are learning to get through a new routine.  But most of all we are working through the stress and learning to love each other more. 

     I had an incredible interview this morning with a really great freelance reporter (Hi, Jeff!) and we moved on to the subject of “collecting people” and not tangible objects.  I find that the more I fill my time with the people I adore, and the more time I take in telling them exactly how I feel without wanting to hear anything back from them, those are the best moments.  I really practiced expressing how I feel this week.  And just allowing it to sink in for them.  I don’t want them to say thank you, or respond, just to allow someone to tell them that they are wonderful. 

I am spending time with those who choose to reciprocate the time spent.  I am making more of an effort to keep in daily contact with so many.  And yet again, I was blessed with a few more people this week who I find fascinating.  My time and days keep filling up with so many whom I adore, that it is overwhelming sometimes.  There are so many texts, emails, phone calls, and messages on my social media sites that I spend a majority of my day plugged in.  However, it is a “good” plugged in.  Touching base, catching up, or just simply asking how their day is…makes a world of difference. 

     You never know what someone is going through in their lives.  Be careful how you treat them.  It doesn’t cost anything at all to be nice.  And it takes much less energy then being nasty or hateful. 

Collect people, not things.  Be nice, and never mean.  Learn to love, and not hate.  There is a fine line between all of those things.  But in the end, collecting people is so much more fulfilling than having a houseful of things that mean nothing.  Love those you come across and learn to accept diversity and embrace change. 

     And when you come across someone who doesn’t seem to reciprocate, let them be.  In the end, when you are full of love and kindness, and good intentions…it truly is their loss.  One day they will understand, but until then, you have to let them learn the lesson on their own. 

I am very grateful for those in my life. 

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