No Regrets

Excerpt from “The Heart Of A Soldier.”
They pulled in to the parking space. Harlow was silent. Joel got out and held out his hand, when she took it, he pulled her in to his arms the same way he did the first night they danced in the tiny, jazz bar.

She looked up at him.

“Where?” she asked.

“Carson.” He responded. His heart sank.

Harlow looked at him. She wasn’t afraid in this moment. She made a bold decision. He was leaving for Colorado. The thought made her heart start to beat fast. This might be it. This might be the biggest mistake she ever makes with her heart. She felt desperation and anxiety creep in to her heartbeats. She felt the pace quickening at the thought of him leaving her here. This was crazy.


“Then let’s make the best of it before you go.” She looked at him right in his eyes. “I guess if this is all the time we have, then we should do what we want to do, right?”

Joels heart started to race. Harlow took his hand and they walked closer to the water. When they got to the beach, Harlow stopped. She turned to Joel and stood on her tip toes, until her lips met his. She kissed him softly at first. Her fingers traced the outline of his lips and she kissed him again. She moved down his neck, and he could feel her hot breath increase. He knew she knew what she was doing. And while they were both adults, they both knew this was different. It wasn’t about satisfaction. It was about need. He needed her.

Joel stopped Harlow. He took her face in to his hands. He lowered his head to kiss her and right before he reached her lips he whispered “No regrets.”

Harlow looked deeply in to his eyes.

“No regrets.” She said softly.

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