When you lose the one you wanted, cuz’ you’re takin’ her for granted…

     I seem to be blogging more and more lately.  I am picking up a few more followers each week. Although I’m not quite sure, because as I told a friend this week, I am kind of a chatterbox who tends to ramble on and on.  Typical author, I suppose.  And yes, 2 or 3 blog posts in a week is a lot for me!  LOL… with the kids, the fur-babies, school and writing….I don’t have much time for anything else.  

I was thinking a lot about taking people for granted today.  I was thinking of my own faults in everything that is going on.  I allow certain people to push my buttons, and then I am quickly reminded of who I am and what choices I need to be making.  Maybe years ago, I was a little bit of a hot-tempered mess.  But as the years and experiences seem to keep going, I have tried to really see my negative traits and change them for the better.  Those of you who know me, well…you know that no matter how hard I try the Blackfoot mixed with Irish temper isn’t going to go anywhere with the right trigger.   The spit fire in me will probably never cease to exist, maybe only lie dormant.  But anyways…see chatterbox…ramblings.  But the point is, I am forever aware of it’s existence. 

     It’s too easy to take someone for granted.  To assume that just because they love you they should put up with negative, verbal, physical, or emotional abuse.  If you take it for granted,  I promise you, you will look up one day and see regret.  Regret.  I know I talked about that topic last week, and I can honestly say that I really have very few regrets.  And now I am seeing how it is connected to the process of taking someone for granted. 

I really try to not take someone for granted.  I am very aware of what is coming out of my mouth, or how I am treating someone, how I approach someone, or interact with them.   and I am by far perfect, but over the years I have truly been trying to learn a more loving approach to others.  I don’t understand how another human being with a heart and soul, cannot actively be aware of what they are doing or saying.  Even from a very early age we are aware of how we are making someone feel.  And then I see how listening, regret, and taking someone for granted come in together as a whole.  You have to, and I mean have to, be aware of what you are doing and saying to someone.  We as humans tend to have an over-exaggerated excuse for every disgusting and vile thing we do to one another.  We take each other for granted on a daily basis. 

     One day you will look up and it will be gone.  He will get tired of hearing you complain about the tiniest things that matter to no one just because you need a sounding board, or he will get tired of not even being able to look at another female because you are constantly so insecure you are accusing him of cheating. 
She will look at you one day when you tell her that you hate her, and that you want a divorce, or that she should feel privileged to be with you, and she will leave. She will eventually give the fear away, and trade it in for strength…no matter the cost.  Because nothing hurts more than another person pretending to be completely unaware of anothers feelings on a consistent basis. 

People very simply get tired. 

It is very easy to break a heart.  Last week I talked about how easy it is to love, and it is.  But it is so very easy to break a heart, and chip away at another persons soul.  It is as easy as it is to love them.  But you can’t do it.  There must be more love

     Life is beautiful in that, if and when that happens, the Universe sends us another soul who might be as damaged as our own, and together you learn to pick up the pieces and put it all back together.   Obviously it is cracked, but at least it will hold for long enough to love again. 
     And when the Universe sends us another soul to help repair our own broken heart, they often help us remember how beautiful and unique we are.  And it’s nice to remember good.  So simple, but good…works. 

     Continue to feel.  Allow yourself to stop, right before you kiss someones lips and breath them in.  Allow your self to hug your very best friends tight, when you know they are in need of it.  Sit on your childs bed and count each breath as it rises and falls from their chest.  Pull your family pet in to your lap and let them know that their life means something.   Live through your heart.  Feel emotions in the very depth of your soul.  That is what nourishes and teaches us the greatest lessons in life.  And when you are fully aware of your state of mind and how important other people are in your life you no longer take them for granted.  

“Love is the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly.”


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