It is a risk to love.
What if it doesn’t work out?
Ah, but what if it does. 
~Peter McWilliams~

I’ve been thinking a lot about love in the past week or so.  The different levels we are on with one another.   The way we treat each other.  The way lust, or infatuation can lead us into relationships that are no good for us.  Or the way two people can be friends for such a long time, and then suddenly a spark between them is ignited.  Or how about a stranger?  Crossing the path of a potential soul mate?  Is it as complicated as we make it out to be?

Sometimes. Other times I suppose we tend to over-complicate it when we refuse to believe in the magic of our world and our hearts.   We come up with excuse after excuse as to why we cannot go there, or be with someone, or make a final decision. 

I am a dreamer.  But I love it.  I adore it.  Even though my logical, Aquarius rising sign, sometimes kicks in and causes me to second guess myself. Yet,  somehow I always end up with someone who ultimately kills that part of me.  Maybe because it’s safer to lean towards logic? And then when it’s over they realize that maybe believing in something, is worth everything.   And I realize that I cannot change the very core of who I am, which is a hopeless romantic who tries to see the beauty and amazing miracles this world has to offer us.  You can’t put a price on the magic of life.  There’s no amount of money or material objects that can replace the feeling of touching another person and knowing that the Universe planned on the two of you crossing paths in it’s own time.  NO MATTER what the situation, friendship, family or romantic.  Sometimes the situation seems impossible, and yet it isn’t.  Very few things in this world are impossibleLove is not impossible.  It is consistent.  It is strong.  And it is the best example of magic in existence. 

I read a quote last week that went along the lines of “you can either stand and stare at the line, or you can cross it.”  I guess I always, eventually cross it.  Always.  And I suppose that is why I don’t have very many regrets at all.  Because when you make a choice for yourself, even if it doesn’t turn out, I believe it’s easier to see the courage you needed to make the decision and live with it.   I recently crossed a line that I didn’t even know existed, and I am thrilled with the surprise the Universe had in store for me.  To be reminded of love is such a beautiful thing.  Serendipity is a very powerful thing. 

My choices lately have been a very meticulous process.  Although some tend to disagree with that, and that is fine.  They were not here, they were not living this life.   I know what was working, and what was not.  I have to live with this.  My children have to live with this.  And that is why it was a meticulous decision.  And no matter what, someone else is always going to disagree with your decision. So really, does it matter? As long as your choice is well thought out, and belongs to you, then why should you continue to allow someone elses judgement hinder your thought process? 

Thinking back on lovelove is something you feel.  I had forgotten that.   Love isn’t a habit.  Nor is it lust or infatuation.   Is love blind?  I don’t think so.   I think that choosing to see something for what it is and ignoring it, or absolutely NOT seeing something are two different things.  Is love patient?  Perhaps.  Long distance relationships have proven that.  I believe love is patient if it is true, otherwise one party gets bored with the other and so on and so on.  Love grows cold when one doesn’t realize we have limited time in this lifetime.  And eventually the other person grows lonely, and ends up leaving.  Either way you look at it, love is beautiful. Painful at times, and yet so very beautiful. 

We seek what we know to exist.  Even if it seems illogical, we all seek what we know exists.  And that is great love.  

I believe in it.  Maybe I had forgotten, but I believe.  And there isn’t anything wrong with that.   Humans are such funny creatures, and sure there are loners, but ultimately we all are looking for close to the same thing. 

What is the difference in some?  Some of us understand it.  Some will love many in their lives, others only a handful of people. 

It is okay to love someone from you past, to be in love with someone in your present, and to be prepared to love someone in your future.  In the end, love is all that matters to the heart.  Sympathy, compassion, attraction, understanding….they are all ultimately connected to love.  ~Tiffany Luv Wright

We have very limited time here in this lifetime.   Cross the line.  Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.  Just pay attention to the clock that is ticking on the wall.  If you are unhappy, then make the choice to be happy.  It might seem scary to make that decision, but you can do it. 

Do not live in fear.  Do not live with regret.  Choose to believe that there is something so magical out there that most would question it’s existence.  As long as you are not questioning it’s existence, then chances are, it can, and will happen to you.  The Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing. 

A suggestion?  Try keeping a gratitude journal.  I recently bought one for myself and every night I write the things that I was grateful for in my day, and the adjacent page, I write about the things I will be grateful for.  But I use present tense, if you keep telling yourself “one day” or “in my future” then those things will ALWAYS remain in the future, just out of your grasp.  Start being grateful for your dreams coming true now. 

I love, love.  I cannot change that.  It is the very core of who I am.  I love feeling it, I love understanding it, and I love giving it.  And I am grateful every single day for the abundance of it I have at this very moment in my life. 

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