What? A romance novel…seriously, Tiffany….

Yep, hard to believe.  But this has been an incredible story to write.  I love it so much.  And I am excited to give you the first chapter in “Taurean & Leo”. 

I truly enjoyed writing the romantic scenes between Jaxx and Chase in Finding Stones.  And I thought I would test the waters with a more adults version of romance.  I wanted to truly pour my heart and soul in to it, and I feel like it is coming along beautifully. 

I have yet to set a release date yet, I am only 5 chapters in, so my best guess will be early Fall, unless I get bombarded with the “hurry up” emails. 
And I am on chapter 7 of Casting Gems, which is the second installment in the “Tales From A 20 Year Old Witch” Series. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.  Love to you all!  

I give you “Taurean & Leo”. 

“The dream woke her up again. How many times had she had the same dream, over and over, in the last few weeks? Five, or was it seven? She had lost count. It was the same scenario. And lately, it was causing her to daydream. She couldn’t afford to be so disconnected with her day. Not too mention, she was not a romantic. Love never lasted. Eventually all great romances fizzled out. She had watched both of her parents go through divorce after divorce. When she was a young girl, she had convinced herself she would find that one great love. After her first divorce at 23, she had quickly dismissed the belief that anything lasted into an eternity. That was definitely an epic fail.

She hit the off button on the alarm clock. There was no use putting it off any longer, just like all of the times before, she would not be able to go back to sleep. Trinity stretched out in the bed. She bumped the tiny ball of blankets that was lying next to her. She rolled over gazed at her greatest accomplishment. The twins were still tiny. They were still smaller than the average 6 year olds you seen on the street. Since the separation from their father, she had gotten used to just letting them sleep with her, it was easier on everyone. She caressed Janies face. Slowly, she rose from the bed.

When she got to the kitchen, she flipped on the light. The sun was only barely peeking up over the ridge. She hit the button on the coffee maker. The only thing that seemed to get her through the morning, was coffee. She hated mornings. She had always been a night owl, and when the girls were little, it wasn’t a problem. But since they had been in school, it was difficult for her to adjust. She had been used to staying at home with them as babies, and when she and Jack had separated, going back to work, was exhausting. Jack hadn’t argued, he knew it was a long time coming. They had married at 25, and she had reservations, but loved him and tried to not let her prior divorce determine what happened with she and Jack. She wasn’t sure where it had gone wrong this time. She had grown out of the insecurity of her twenties early on in their marriage, and had loved him fiercely. Just the last few years, he had started to ignore her. And he ignored the girls. When he wasn’t working, he was propped up in the recliner, either napping or watching tv. Trinity had finally mustered up the courage to leave. It had taken her a long time, for fear of judgment from her family and friends. On the outside, it was normal. Everyone just lived this way. You just grew out of each other, and you kept it going because it was the American way. She was so tired of hearing about it all. The divorce would be final this week. The support was established, Jack had given her full custody, and there wasn’t anything else to argue about. She really hadn’t even argued. Everything they had acquired by living the American dream was worthless. Meaningless material objects that only seemed to fuel greed and envy. When she turned 33, she had decided it was time. The girls had taken it hard. Trinity felt horrible about that. But she was not herself. She had withdrawn from her family and friends, and lost every part of her being in the last few years. And she couldn’t take it any longer. Every time they fought, it was always her fault. Jack would tell her she was awful, and that is why her first marriage failed, and he would compare her with her parents. Deep inside, she had felt guilt. And probably, would always feel that way. He had only wanted to touch her when he wanted a piece of ass, and then, he would ignore her. In the past when she spoke of leaving, he would lay on the charm. And then the relationship would fall back in to the comfortable resting place of boredom, once again.

Trinity scoffed at the coffee maker. It was so slow. Impatient, she pulled the decanter out of its cradle and poured what she could in the cup. She stepped out on to the balcony. She was glad it was only Saturday. She sat down at the tiny patio table and breathed in the smell of the Puget Sound. They had moved to Olympia several years ago, and she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving. She had been raised in the Midwest, and the moment her feet hit Washington State, she fell in love. It was the one thing that kept her sanity. She took the girls to the Sound, and up to the mountain. They had spent many a day at Northern Ruby Beach. The girls loved it there. Money had been tight since the split, and here, there were many things to do that didn’t cost much at all. They would pack up a picnic lunch and just head down highway 101 and stop where they wanted to.

The sky had burst in to purple, yellow and orange colors. The sunrise was beautiful. Soon, she would wake the girls, Jack would be here to pick them up soon. The agreement gave him one month in the summer with the girls, unless of course, the two agreed on something else. Since the split, he had paid much more attention to them. That was the positive of the impending divorce. Jack had moved down to Seattle, and settled there. It was close, but yet far away enough to keep the two ex-lovers at bay. And out of each others business. Trinity had taken this week off for vacation. She had felt guilty about not spending it with the girls, but she truly needed the time to disengage from life. She planned on spending a few days with her girlfriends, doing the things that girls do. And it was summer, the rain would come and go, and they would have some incredible days to spend on the Sound.

Trinity replayed the dream in her mind again.

She was wrapped in the arms of a stranger. Only, he wasn’t a stranger at all. She knew him. She was connected to him. She could trace his jaw line in her mind. He was tall, and muscular. He moved slowly with her, and his fingertips slowly trailed back and forth across the small of her back. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. He moved with her. It as like a cosmic connection that couldn’t be broken. And every time, right before his lips were on hers, she woke up. It was so real, she could feel his breath on her lips. She couldn’t grasp why this dream felt so right. Maybe it was the romantic in her trying to rear its ugly head.

Trinitys fingers went to her lips. The screen door opened suddenly, jarring her out of her daydream.

The coffee cup in her hand went tumbling down on to the apartment balcony, spilling the hot, black liquid on the wood.

“Shit!” she jumped up and grabbed the cup.

“Good morning, mamma!” It was Meagan. She was always the first to rise.

“Good morning, honey, sorry, you scared me, silly.” She smiled at her daughter. Meagan had been battling a diagnosis with ADHD. Sometimes she was a lot to handle. But they were getting through it.

“Is your sister still asleep or did you wake her?” Trinity gave the little girl the mothers eye. She raised an eyebrow at her.

“Nope, shes still asleep. Can I have breakfast?” The girls were tiny, but beautiful. Trinity had started dying her hair a long time ago. She was now a dark brunette. Her natural color was somewhere between strawberry blonde and auburn. It was a strange combination. She had always liked the darker hair better. The girls had golden blonde hair. It was stick straight, and light as a feather. Their hazel eyes were an extension of their mothers.

“Yep, what’s it going to be this morning?” she smiled at her daughter.

“Cereal, I seen some on tv the other day, it had sparkle marshmallows. Do you think we can get that the next time we go to the store?” Meagan waited for her moms response.

“Oh, we will see, I am sure the tv told you you had to have it, right? ” Trinity laughed.

“Oh yes!” piped Meagan. “Sparkles, mamma, sparkly marshmallows.”

The two made their way in to the tiny kitchen. Janie was walking out of the bedroom with a sleepy, and grouchy look.

“She woke me up!” She screamed at Meagan. She pointed a finger at the culprit. Meagan grabbed her mothers leg, and stuck out her tongue at her sister.

Trinity sighed. She was tired.

“It’s okay, Janie, just sit down and we’ll have some cereal.” She patted the girls chair, and Janie took a seat.

They spent the morning at the table, talking about play-doh, and sparkly marshmallows, and unicorns. The girls were alike in some ways, and totally two different characters at times. Trinity thought that was odd, with the twin bond. These two fought on a daily basis, and it was enough to make her pull her hair out at times.

Trinity rushed the girls through their bath. She spent a majority of the time breaking up arguments, and scream and squeals. At last, they were ready to go. It was almost 9:30 before Jack arrived to pick them up.

The girls were thrilled to see their father. Trinity made the usual small talk, reminding him about medicine for Meagan, and Janies night time pull-ups. She still had not grown out of wetting the bed. Jack listened and nodded. The banter was limited. He had struggled with Trinity leaving. But she had had enough. There was no going back, no fixing what had been broken. Neither were seeing anyone still.

Trinity kissed the girls goodbye and they were gone. She made her way back to the kitchen, this time, for a full cup of coffee. She had hid some whip cream in the fridge from the girls and reached back to get it. A small amount of Irish cream, and she topped off the hot liquid with the whip cream, and headed to the bedroom.

She climbed in to her bed and opened up her laptop. She only had a few minutes to check the local news, and then she would get ready. She planned on spending her first day alone in what felt like a millennium, reading at the lake that was close to her apartments. The lake had an enormous fountain in the center. It was beautiful and serene. On the holidays the city would put coloring in the water, so it would spout out colored water. Saint Patricks Day it was green, Valentines Day was red, she loved that. She loved to read. It was an escape. It probably created more problems than it solved, because she had an unhealthy thought of what true love was, but she read anyways. She pretended to be stoic and strong on the outside, but her heart ached. It had ached for a very long time. The thirst ran deep in her…very, very deep. And at this point in her young life, she wasn’t sure it would ever be quenched. She was jaded. Why would someone want a used car when they could go out and purchase a brand new model? She had learned to be content with the fact that romance and love, just did not exist for her.

Trinity thought she was plain. She was 5’5, and 130 pounds. She had a small waist, and a decent bust. A fair complexion washed her skin and freckles adorned her shoulders. She had tanned when she was younger, but had since shied away from it. And when she turned 30 she had finally been comfortable in her own skin. Her hazel and green eyes were framed by long black lashes. They were the only good feature she felt she had. Again, the car scenario came racing through her mind.

She scrolled through the local news station. There was a book signing in Seattle this afternoon. A picture of the author was on the front of the community page. He was tall. Probably 6’4, and muscular. His devilish grin was attractive. And his jaw line was strong. She would have taken the girls to meet an author if she had known. The girls loved to read, and have Trinity read to them. The man had light eyes, and was tan. He was so handsome. And he looked so familiar, but she couldn’t put a finger on where she had seen him. Maybe it was because he was a local celebrity.

Trinity sighed.

“Must be nice” she said out loud. She closed the computer and made her way to the shower. The hot shower felt good. It warmed her sore muscles and it allowed her to relax. Sometimes she cried in the shower. It was the only place she could feel alone, and the girls wouldn’t see. She would turn on her slow songs, and just let the water wash away her yearning for anything that made her feel alive.

She turned the shower off, making her way to the bedroom. She dried off in the bathroom, but with the girls gone, went naked in to her room. It was nice to have some amount of privacy. She put on her favorite jeans, and a v-neck tee. Flip flops were a definite. Today she might even put on makeup. Why not? She went back in to the bathroom and finished getting ready. A few sprits of her favorite perfume and she was out the door. She had packed a tiny lunch, and would stop at the coffee shop to pick up another latte.

She threw her bag over her shoulder and was out the door. She quickly returned and grabbed her glasses off of the counter. She hated her glasses. But, without them, bring on the headaches! They made her feel frumpy when she had to wear them.

She was out the door, and headed down the block to the little coffee store. She liked supporting the local shops, and opted out of the big chain stores.

She pulled open the door, and the tiny bells made music with her entrance. She smiled at the sweet, young girl behind the counter.

“Hi, Trinity!” she said in her usual upbeat voice.

“Good morning to you. How are you today?” Trinity asked her. The girls smile was so contagious.

“Oh my God, you would never believe what happened last night?” the young girl squealed in delight. She flashed a tiny diamond ring at Trinity.

“Oh, it’s so beautiful, well you thought it was going to happen! Are you totally stoked?” Trinity managed a fake smile.

The girl continued with her story, and went on about the proposal, and every detail of the night. She was smitten with this boy, and Trinity hoped in her heart that it worked out for the best. She ordered her normal Americana and gave the girls hand a squeeze when she left. She honestly hoped it would be great for her. Someone deserved to be happy. Someone deserved to survive the rat race that had become of our society.

She made her way down to the lake. She stopped to breath in the air. It was crisp and clean. The water made it smell good. Trinity could never move back to the Midwest, away from the water. It was mesmerizing. It filled an empty spot she had in her soul.

She was gazing at the fountain and walking along, taken back by the lakes beauty. She tripped over a crack in the walkway, spilling her coffee down the front of her jeans. “Ow, shit!” she said rather loudly. She quickly turned to see if anyone had seen her display of clumsiness.

As she turned, she heard the voice.

“Here, it’s clean, and should get most of the coffee off of your jeans.” This person was obviously humored with her misfortune.

She turned. ready to come back with a snide comment for the man who thought it was so funny. And when she turned she caught her breath. Her cheeks immediately flushed crimson, engulfing the freckles on her face.

“Thanks.” was all she could muster up. She took the napkin from him, and it was an immediate spark between their fingertips. And she tried to force a smile through the embarrassment.

She handed the napkin back to him. He was still smiling at her. And he was still standing there with a stubborn air waiting for her to say something else.

“I’m sorry, I am an idiot sometimes, I was just looking at the….” she stumbled through.

“The fountain?” he finished her sentence. And laughed. “It’s my favorite place to come. I spend a lot of time out here. I tend to get more work done if I come here, then if I stay at home or the office. Writing seems easier.” His eyes were clear. And his smile was contagious.

Trinity couldn’t believe she was standing here with him, and was fumbling around trying to overcome her nerves.

“Yes, I love it here. I came to read. It’s so beautiful out today.” She smiled at him, and it felt natural, at last. Her nerves were slowly going away. “I’m Trinity.” she held out her hand.

He took it, and raised it to his lips, kissing her hand very lightly he said, “I’m Cade.” And with a wink he let her hand fall slowly. “I love coming here to think, or write, or think about writing, or sometimes, no reason at all, I guess.” He turned to Trinity and waited for her to respond. He was still smiling at her.

She was still mesmerized by his charisma, and his eye contact was fierce. Trinity couldn’t look away. It was like he was staring straight through to her soul. It was so familiar…

She quickly dismissed the thought, and chalked it up to too much coffee already this morning.

“Gosh, I’m sorry, I think I’ve had too much coffee.” she laughed a little. “I just came here to read this morning. I have some vacation days, and thought they were better spent outside.” she smiled at him. “Thank you for the rescue.”

He laughed. “Anytime.”

“Well, I guess I will see you later….” Trinity’s voice trailed off. The two were still in fierce eye contact.

Cade cleared his throat, “Um, yes, I hope we do.” She thought she saw him blush, but dismissed it. Why would he be blushing at her? She smiled and turned to go.

She was walking with her back to him, and she could still feel his eyes on her.

“Trinity” he called out to her.


She turned, “yeah?” She asked.


“Your welcome.” And with a wink he turned and headed the opposite way.

She sighed. What? Did you think he was going to ask you out? She thought to herself. Making her way down to the other side of the lake, all she could think about were his eyes. Besides, right now she didn’t need the drama. And she was so over love. At the end of her day, there wasn’t enough time or patience to take on yet another man child. She would go out, have fun, do what she wanted to do for once.

Trinity sat down on the dock beside the water. She slipped her flip flops off and rolled up her jeans. The water was freezing. But she dropped her feet in anyways. She hardly ever came to the lake with out sticking her feet in the cold water. Even in the fall before they shut off the fountain, she would do it. Her girlfriends would laugh, but it made her feel alive. She swirled her toes around in the sparkling water. The breeze was warm on her face, and the sun shining brightly. She opened her book. Soon she was lost in another world. A world where she could feel, and love, and not feel guilty for wanting or needing it.

It felt like an hour had passed. She sat the book beside her. And curled her knees up under her chin. She was looking out over the water and daydreaming again, and she felt him beside her.

Cade had never been so nervous around girls. When he had offered the napkin to the beautiful stranger earlier he hadn’t expected the sudden spark he felt when he looked in to her color changing eyes. They had went from hazel to green while they stood there. Her hair falling around her face, and the slight freckles that kissed her cream colored skin were seared in his mind. What was wrong with him? This was the last thing he had planned on, or needed to get involved with. He had meetings, and signings, and work. The girls before had just been something to fill the need a man has, and sometimes to fill the air with conversation. He had had a few relationships, even almost marrying once. He had to go back and talk to her before he left the fountain. He had to. It was like a force pulling him in the opposite direction. What was the worst that could happen? In the back of his mind, he knew it was wrong. He had a serious girl at home. They had a son together. He had been through hell and back trying to keep his sons life as normal as possible. He had even sacrificed his own happiness to the depths of almost seclusion lately. One dinner wouldn’t harm anyone, besides, he could feel they would be great friends. And right now, he needed a friend. Everyone he dealt with on a daily basis was so fake and disconnected. The spark this girl ignited was a pleasant surprise to his day. And he had not expected that at all.

He had never done anything like this in his life.

He cleared his throat nervously.

“Hi.” he said.

Trinity looked up, it was the handsome author. She felt her cheeks flush again. She felt like there was electricity without even touching him.

“Hello” she said looking up at him, shielding the sun from her eyes. She smiled at him, and this time, it was a real smile.

Cade sat down beside her. He looked at her with a funny look on his face. “Um, I thought maybe we could grab a bite to eat later…I know your probably busy, and I have a, er…a thing to do. But later?” he waited for her response. He could feel the sensual tension immediately. He wanted to reach out and touch her. But he waited for her answer instead. What was wrong with him?

Trinitys mind was racing. She didn’t need this right now, the divorce wasn’t final, and the girls… and men like this didn’t want anything but sex from her. But she couldn’t ignore her heart beating fast in her chest. Maybe she should, maybe it wouldn’t do any harm. She was already pretty much dead inside, and the company would be good.

“I think that would be nice.” she smiled at him.

She could see the relief in his eyes. Those beautiful eyes, they were so clear and blue, she wanted to get lost in them. She wanted to sit right there beside the water, and just drink him in. But she quickly brought herself back down to Earth.

“Well, what’s your favorite food?” he asked her. He raised an eyebrow at her, and waited for her response.

“White cake with butter cream icing.” She replied with a teasing smile.

“I was thinking more along the lines of a meal. But I supposed that could work.” he laughed.

“Well you didn’t say a meal, you just said food. And if I had a coffee with it, would that count?” she flirted back. “But since you clarified meal, I love sushi. You?” she waited for him to answer. His eyes were sparkling after the flirtatious response.

“I love sushi!” He exclaimed. “How about Nakato at, say 8? Is that too late for you?” he asked.

“I’ll meet you there.” she smiled sheepishly at him.

“Sounds good, I’ll see you at 8 then,” he paused for a nanosecond and then said her name “Trinity.” he smiled, and he rose to leave.

“I’ll see you at 8, Cade.” She liked the way his name rolled off of her tongue. Cade turned to walk away. He had a huge grin on his face.

Cade was gone quickly. Trinity remembered that he had the book signing she had seen on the local news website to attend. What the hell just happened she thought to herself? How did that just happen? She shook her head. She was agitated with her lack of control. This morning she had risen to what seemed like a normal day. Just when she thought she needed more time to focus on life in general, another man shows up, and now she had a dinner date. She never saw it coming, and what scared her more, is she was having trouble remembering the last time she had been sparked from the inside out. And she was quite sure it was never. She had never felt this way next to someone she had just met. She quickly dismissed the thought, and rose to head home. The last thing she needed was to distract herself with any more fairy tale feelings today. And besides, soul mates didn’t happen. People passed by one another every single day without so much as a spark. She would put her wall up. It kept her safe. But her mind kept wandering back to his lips, and his eyes, the handsome face…she sighed. Another lifetime. I’ve screwed this one up so badly, there wasn’t any way the universe would allow her such a love. She was hard to please, and expected too much out of love and life. At least that was what she had been told her entire life.

She walked home. She was halfway daydreaming about how the evening might play out, and going back and forth with what she would wear.

Definitely the black dress, the one that slimmed her, and had an off the shoulder sleeve. She had so many shoes, and it was exciting to get to actually have somewhere to wear them. Hair down, it always felt good on her shoulders, or would she wear it up? She seemed to be putting extra effort in to this, and couldn’t help but feel butterflies in her stomach.

Trinity turned the key in the lock, and threw her stuff on the counter. She headed to get ready for the evening. She almost felt giddy about it. Smiling at herself in the reflection, “so ridiculous” she said out loud.

No matter what, she told herself she would not fall in love. Ever. Not in this lifetime.”


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