Bad Blogger!

What a bad, bad blogger I have been.  These last two weeks have flown by and given me so much inspiration that I started yet another project.   I realized over the last few weeks that I really, truly do enjoy the romantic side of a story and thought I would dabble in a romance with a metaphysical twist.  I am so, so, so excited about this project!  It has yet to be named….but I am thinking Astrology

We had an excellent photo shoot on Sunday.  I will share some of the great shots our wonderful photographer captured.  She did such an excellent job nailing down each of our elements and characters.  And it was super fun to get to play with the dark side of everyone.  I love the girls so much, and their pictures turned out beautifully.  Introducing Fire, Air, Earth & Water. 

You can find Misty here.  She is an incredible artist, and such an awesome girl!
I am still waiting on the footage from the KSPR 33 news interview, as soon as I have it, you guys will be the first to get it here. 
I am off to bed,  thought I would leave you with a little taste for Book Two in the “Tales From A 20 Year Old Witch”  series.  And an exciting announcement….
Snippet from Chapter 1:

Arianna was sitting across the table from Jaxx and Mau. She was texting furiously on her phone. Snickering every once in a while at the person on the other end of the messages.
“What?” she said in high pitched squeal. She gave the rest of the table an annoyed look.
“Well, if you are going to ignore the rest of us, then at least tell us who you are talking to.” Said Mau, in a condescending tone. She raised an eyebrow at Arianna.
Arianna giggled once more. “Well you remember that guy we met the last time we were out?” She took a sip of her martini. “He’s supposed to be here tonight, so I was giving him a hard time about it.” She was giggling.
Ariannas giggles made Jaxx giggle too. Jaxx had wish she had worn more comfortable shoes for their weekly night out at the club. She had just bought the tiger print, 5 inch, heels this week and this was the perfect excuse, but breaking these bad boys in was hard, and painful. She reached down to rub her sore foot.
The Silver City club was low lit. And the music was always at the top of the charts. The girls lived for their nightly outings that didn’t include anyone but the 4 of them. Gretta made her way back to the table and sat down. She handed a glass to Jaxx.
“Don’t be an idiot tonight.” she smiled sweetly at her sister.
Jaxx took a drink. Did the music just stop? She thought to herself. No, it was slower. Why is the DJ playing such a slow song….and then it hit her like a ton of bricks. It was her favorite song. She had never heard this club play anything slightly slower than your average mix of dance songs. Why in the world would they be playing her favorite song?
“Oh my God.” said Arianna, she spaced the words out, giving each their own separate breath. Arianna was staring ahead, looking beyond Mau and Jaxx. Jaxx turned to see what was going on. When she turned, she gasped.
The DJ was staring at their table, with a devilish grin. And so were the other patrons. Some were whispering in each others ears. There stood Chase in the middle of the cleared floor. He was in a black suit jacket, jeans, and his had black rimmed glasses on, and one of his hands nervously shoved in his pocket. He had that look on his face that combined that of a sheep and a wolf, all wrapped up in a dangerous package. It made Jaxxs head light. He rubbed the side of his jaw in an embarrassed way. And then he held out his hand to her.
Jaxx couldn’t even speak. She moved quickly in to his arms, and he embraced her. She could hear a slight approval from the crowd. He moved with her body on the dance floor, his fingertips just barely touching the small of her back. Jaxx sighed. Chases hand moved to her cheek, cupping her jaw line and her neck. And as she looked up at him he spoke, “The thirst in you runs so deep Jaxx…” in a gruff and raspy whisper. His mouth was barely touching hers. Jaxx was dizzy. It was a good thing he was holding her up, or else she just might fall flat on her face in the middle of the floor. Chase had her hand in his, and his other hand on her back. But it kept trailing down to her waistline. His fingertips brushing her with gentle pressure.
She gazed up at Chase, her heels put her closer to his face, now, she was glad she had worn them. She could actually feel his heart beating faster. The gentle, speeding heartbeats spoke to her. And just before she reached his lips…


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