I’m on the edge of glory…..and I’m hangin’ on this moment with you…

Wow!  Currently I am sitting at 269 downloads.   I am so excited that my book is out for the world.  Monday has been good to us so far!  The book will be FREE, (insert woo-hoo loudly) until tomorrow morning. 

We survived a day trip to STL for Kyles Barnes appointment.  There was a lot of information to take in.  There was talk about a possible ADHD diagnosis, we discussed Tourette’s, and a seizure disorder called ESES.  We are taking him off of the Kepra due to an increased irritibility and awful mood swings.  I will make an appointment with our ped this week, and follow up with our doctor at the Childrens Hospital in 3 weeks to see how he is reacting to no medicine, and to discuss a sleep EEG and possible 2 day hospital stay.  This is a lot to comprehend.  We are still processing and I still feel like we are at a brick wall.  I am just praying for answers soon. 

I expect my paperback proof to arrive via snail mail tomorrow, I cannot wait to hold my book in my hands.  It does have a different cover than the Kindle version, so I am anxious to see how that goes over with my fan base.  I will post that link as soon as I hit “Approve” on the publishers site. 

We found an incredible little swimming hole this week, it is a great place to take the kids.  So far we’ve spent 2 days there and the little ones love it!  I have some cute pictures of the kids and Jeff catching crawdads, Kyle got pinched, and well….let’s just say I’m pretty sure he’s done with that. 

Good night to all! 

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