Whew, what a day!

We were busy busy!  I really need to set some time apart for the second book.  I am mid-way through chapter 5, and I have so many ideas for these girls and their adventures.   For some reason though, the 4 kids and little four legged friends do not seem to understand the concept of “mommy is working right now”.  They really do expect to be fed 3 times a day, plus snacks. 

I received 2 more “you suck” letters today, although one was actually personalized and very nice.  She said I had a strong story, she just wasn’t sure she had a publisher in her pocket who would be interested.  I received them both while watching Jack Canfields free “self help for authors” pitch, comically enough.  I will say that I am still not discouraged.  I have this crazy feeling this is going to go viral….

I am super excited to announce the launch of my fan page for Facebook.  The link is Tiffany Luv Wright Fanpage, my goal is to reach 500 likes by this Sunday.  Will you help me by shamefully plugging this link and the other in your status?  **bats eyes**

Jeff is on over-time, so I am thinking I will get some major writing done for book 2 over the weekend, unless the Zombie apocalypse happens, eh…Michelle? 

And I heard great news from the cover artist, and cannot wait to see what vision he has brought to life.  I am really weighing out all of my options right now. 

While I have gotten a handful of “you sucks” nicely worded, I did speak to an incredible publisher, Peter Paddon, at Pendraig.  He likes the story, but isn’t sure he could get it on the shelves until next year.  It is encouraging that he likes the storyline.  I just have this crazy drive inside to get this in to the hands of my readers.  My “editor” who is charging *cough* 3% (insert my snicker here, b/c she is awesome and doing this all the way from South Korea) is working on polishing up the manuscript now. 

Just for the sake of saying it, I would LOVE to see this story on film.  *taps fingers on chin* 

There isn’t any reason other than laziness to not shoot for the moon at this point! 

Cheers and good night. 



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