Okay, I know, a little bit dramatic on the title…or is it? Ill just start by saying a big ‘ole hell to the no. Its a perfect fit. If you know someone or if you personally think this is a fun girls trip, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Go on one day and see the actor you want to see and buh-bye on the rest.

Alright, this will be a week long event blogging the events of this poor managed, insult to the actors who agreed to participate, “you get a Pepsi” event. As we all know the 4 of us (if you count it up, thats a lotta cash) all popped the price for the “GOLD PACKAGE” as to not have rushed autographs sessions, great seats and “perks” for being the ones to spring the dough on a convention like this. Excuse me for being upset that within the first 2 hours of the show I believe we saw nothing but the “Hillywood Show” people, whom I might add are nothing without the poor kid they suckered in to playing Jacob. Sad. “Fake Jake”, if you read this…GET OUT. GET OUT NOW! Here is a link to their parodys, which might have been “cute” the first time, but I seriously didn’t think I paid the amount I paid to spend 3 days with a handful of actors/actresses that really need to get real jobs, they really do not even deserve the amount of stage time they received…ew. Here is their link, not to promote then, but maybe I can save you from dropping cash at this convention, because let me tell you…this is ALL you see.

So not only that but the entire (I repeat, the entire) schedule online was nothing more than a “go-by” time frame. NOTHING was on time. Even P.Fac was late. Nevertheless was entertaining, as it always is to sit 3rd row from a hot boy who dresses as a vampire.

And Frank… Frank. Please for the love of Gawd, when you are a 40+ man sitting at a Twilight convention, trying (and I use that lightly) to impersonate a Cullen, omg. Just do not even consider it next year. I, as most of our row, really wanted to punch you in the face. But hey, the huge Amazon of a woman (not too mention shes rude and backwoods) who owns the insanely over-priced store (*coughs* Dazzled By Twilight) seemed to think you were cute..maybe there is a beautiful beginning there. And she could move out of Forks and the people of the town might just have a parade in honor of her exit…just a thought.

Or how about the man with half a tiger painted on his face in a velveteen brown track suit that said “Team Jacob”. Werewolves are not gay, they might have ate you had they found you prancing through the forest. Bouncing back and forth in front of the audience in the ridiculous face paint, really it felt more like Cirque De Sol than what I expected.

Or how about the 400 pound woman who sat with her legs sprawled out the entire time. Did I mention she was wearing a dress?

And the costume contest, THE COSTUME CONTEST…my eyes are still bleeding from watching you pick people on stage who wore greasy tee-shirts or threw their 3 year old up there to win a pocket Edward? Little boy “Edward” didn’t even remotely resemble him. I am not so sure his mother had even forced him to take a shower that morning. Or how about the “Renesmee” look alike? Really, mom, if you are that in to Twilight, just do it yourself. Puh=lease! Those who actually put time and effort in their costumes (nevermind some didnt wear shoes) never had a shot b/c you let the Hillywood cast decide, and I am not sure they are even qualified to order their own dinners.

Chake Spencer, and the other wolf-pack. Totally hot. Total waste of time for these new upcomers to spend it at this nerd fest of Wal-Mart rejects. Im not even sure that some of these people didn’t cash their welfare checks to afford the tickets.

Ever seen a fat “Alice” or a fat *gasps* “Rosalee”…or “Rosemary” as one nervous costume contestant called her.

The ball…oh well. There really isn’t a way to describe the ball. Basically we paid for a 5 minute session with the actors playing the Volturi because of a huge group of chics from New Jersey trying to attack them on the dance floor. They were not in costume…and not pleasant. Sad.

Will post more, but the main point here, I thought this would be fun. I thought we paid extra for some really great goodies, a little special treatment, and maybe even to be able to sit amongst fellow fans who had at least taken a shower. If these people come to your town! Dont waste your money! I have spent more on panties that I adore as opposed to this joke of a convention.

Stephanie Meyer…die hard fan here, if you get to this point…shut that convention and Creation Entertainment down. There were only about half of the paying Gold members by day 3 even in their seats. We only showed up for the ball on Saturday, and well, lets just say it crossed our minds to open $200 worth of sodas.

Our added, valued Gold Member perks. A flippin’ Burger King crown, and a friggin’ can of Pepsi. Talk about super suck!

With no further adoo…(not sure on the spelling, heads still a little sore from being smacked with a stick at La Push) Here are the pictures. Judge for yourself. It was like a fat girls Prom, only she gets to wear a strange, and very non-Twilight Halloween costume.

Save the money…go to Nordstroms. You need new shoes, right? All in all it is truly sad because we were looking forward to some great girl time, and some great Twlight-ish things. Not a bunch of freaky fans who haven’t showered in like a year and a warm Pepsi.

But we made our weekend rock! More updates to follow…stay tuned! Post and re-post this link, I would like to spread the word fast! If I end up missing, check my inbox, there might be death letters from Creation Entertainment…think soap people, I know Rach and Kris got that one. Wonder how long before they threaten me to take it down. And for the Westin Hotel, how embarassing for you to host such an event. Out of 5 stars, I only give it a 1. And thats only b/c we got to stare at “Fake Jake”, Petey boy, and of course the wolf pack. If the wolf pack or P.Fac make it here, RUN. Run as fast as you can away from that joke.

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