Too long for an update, I know!

*sighs* Well, I guess you could say we are finally settled here at Fort Lewis. So much has happened the last 2 months. And with being on the move I have not had much time to update all of you. So this might be a long post. 🙂

We finally reported here in March. Housing was not available so we ended up in a temp apartment off post in Puyallup until it was ready. About 6 weeks, long enough to un-pack only to pack it up and move on post again. We are lucky though, the boys will be here at the end of this month, and having joint custody helped us get into a 4 bedroom. So space will not be an issue!

The kiddos fly in, along with Marie, Caydee, Nelson, Mendy and my aunt Cathy! So we will have a ton of visitors for a few days. I am stoked to spend some time with them.

Having a hard time though, my little sister is due with my niece in June, and its going to be rough not being there with her. I cannot wait to meet the baby! She is going to be a little doll face.

We have been a few places here, Seattle, Forks, and some beaches. Its gorgeous but rains so much. Seriously, more rain than you would believe. I am hoping the summer is better than the spring. Some days are colder than others, and we have had a couple really warm nice days.

I havent really met too many on post. The neighbors are okay, just not my Michelf or Jes. Or anything like my Korea girls. And that is a hard adjustment. I guess we all learned to lean on each other being 7k + miles from our homes. I miss some of them so terribly. Especially Bobby Kitchen and Monica. I hope they are doing well. And we love you if you all check in here!

Words cannot express the feelings with the boys on their way! I cannot wait until they get here!

No definitive date on deployment yet. I will obviouslly not post it. But it will be late summer. Family will know I believe, but I will know more specifics here soon I imagine. I am dreading it. And its all I can do not to pack up and go home when he leaves.
I got to meet Peter Facinelli, and that was really neat!
The babies are doing well. We are fighting a bought with the flu. Dear Lord, I hope it passes quickly. Its frustrating with the little ones being sick.

We also got a new puppy love! Well I suppose he isnt a puppy, he is 4. A little brown weenie dog. His name is Elvis. He is amazing the kids, although tends to favor Kyle much more than Miss Erica.

We got to spend so much time back home. But it is never enough. I got to hang out with my mom and sister in Eureak Springs, that was fun! And we spent a lot time at the Browns. And with Aunt Cathy. It was wonderful!

We love you all and miss you all. Keep us in your prayers! XOXO


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