Merry Christmas! The countdown to home begins!

Well, here we are, I cannot believe it is the day after Christmas already. Where has this year gone? I mean, seriously, did I not just step off of a plane and land here in South Korea, and now we are less than 2 weeks away from clearing to go home? I hope the next few weeks fly by! We are so excited to get home and see everyone, I will let you all know when we are supposed to arrive in Springfield. It should be February 12th, which, as some of you know is Miss Ericas birthday. We have had a great month, long, expensive, lol…but good. Yesterday morning we got to spend 3 hours on the webcam with my family, and even got to play the trading gift game. Technology is amazing! It was marvelous to see you all and we miss you so much! I was a cry baby the whole time, but its hard. And I miss my boys so much, they are so handsome and so big now. I cannot wait to be home with them! We had a nice Christmas party last weekend, and over Christmas had a ton of soldiers camping out here. It was good for them, and good for us all to be together and just be thankful to have someone to spend the holiday with. We had a great time! Kyle is recovering so well from his tonsil surgery, and has already gained 3 lbs! Doctor Duke says that they rate tonsils from a 1 to a 4, and Kyles were a 4! Holy Moly! He is sleeping and not having any more sleep apnea, or snoring…eating like a little horse! I just want to tell you all how much your prayers are getting us through! There are so many people we have to see when we get home, and when we head to Washington we are going to try to see some of you along the way! Here are some pictures to enjoy! Sending lots of blessings and prayers all your way. Ricky baby is doing amazing with is new family, and Michelf, if you read this I am so glad Daric is home for you guys now! Love you all! God Bless and Happy New Year!



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  1. Shellbelle

    Looks like everyone had fun at Christmas! Love the pic of Miss E cheezin for the cameera in pink! lol Any chances you may be venturing south before heading west on the Oergon Trail? Or wait, Washington Trail. Methinks a visit to Gatlinburg with a side step to meet the Fo***er’s sounds like a great idea! lol


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