Well, at the beginning of yet another busy week, I am really, really missing home! Good news though, we will be coming home in February, we are not staying another year. *YAHOO* We are excited. And excited to go home. Jeff will not re-enlist at the end of his 3 years in the Army. We are going to come back home and settle somewhere close. You learn as you get older how important roots are, and while we both enjoy the travels we want to be home. To be able to come back home, be with our friends and family we miss so much! We have no idea where we will be going when we get our orders, but anywhere will be closer than South Korea! I am missing the boys something fierce, and with school starting, I know they will be busy now. And hopefully will help them with this adjustment. I cannot wait to have them in my arms again. Over the last 5 years of our lives together Jeff and I have always tried to do right and keep our family strong. I am feeling some failure in that department. It helps knowing that we didnt make this choice selfishly. I try not to get too upset about it b/c it gets to Jeff. Here is this wonderful man who gave up everything for a divorced gal with 2 little men to raise. And he has tried too terribly hard to give them everything they have wanted and or needed. I swear he fell in love with them before me, but then again, they are pretty darn irresistable! Anyways, I am rambling, just love them and miss them so much. And I am missing my sister, my little bro (who we are so proud of) and my mom and dad, and my Marie too! The next 6 months better fly by for us! So Saturday Kelly and I went on a tour of the DMZ. Which is the barrier between the North and South Koreas. It was scary and exciting in the same day! I was very nervous, we were not allowed off the bus at the JSA. Apparently there were some people there in a meeting and too important for us to be in the mix. But we got some amazing pictures of “The bridge of No Return”, the JSA area, and the NK and SK soldiers facing off at the border. First we went to the JSA, which is the Joint Security between a ton of UN. There were some pretty major players there apparently so we couldnt even get out of our bus. Usually you get to go in a building and see the table where all the peace talks take place and take your picture on the North Korean side of the room, with the guards staring you down. Literally. I only got pics of the border between the lines with the NK soldier and the ROK soldiers with their noses to the wall. Then we went to “The bridge of no return” where when the Korean war ended and the POW’s were returned, they could either go North to NK and China or obviously south. But the kicker was they could never return after they chose. There was also a bloody massacre over a huge poplar tree blocking the ROK vision of the observation tower #4they sent 15 ROK and American soldiers out to cut it down and were ambushed by NK soldiers. 2 were axed to death. The observation deck in the DMZ was next. But you can only take pictures behind a certain line, if you cross it and attempt pics, the ROK soldiers will take your camera and delete them. We are talking maximum security! I got some good pics (obviously far away) of “Propaganda City”which is the mock city NK built right beside the closest SK village line to put out communist messages and entice the SK to cross the border. I got an awesome pic of the North Korean flag, which is the tallest flag in the world. It is 160 feet high, the flag is 30 feet wide, and weighs 600 lbs. dry. Then we went to tunnel 3. NK over the last 50 years built a series of tunnels that were slowly discovered to get into SK and ambush Seoul. We literally went down a 45 degree angle slope almost a half mile (I believe) down into this tunnel. It was crazy! I wasnt supposed to get any pics down there but snuck a few in. Everyone did. Our tour guide just basically said hide your camera. It was amazing, and crazy to hear all the history and stories. There were landmine signs everywhere, and I got a picture of the ones running aside the highway. There is only 1 highway joining NK and SK. I tried to get pics, but I think Kelly got better ones. When she comes over this week she is bringing her card so I can copy those too. I got a picture of me with the NK flag flying in the background. Enjoy, and ask me anything, I will try to remember the answer. I was really nervous b/c it is really dangerous, but can research if I seem to forget, lol.Here is a link to the DMZ too to help describe the tunnels better. It was amazing to say the least! I kept reminding myself of all the fallen men sent there from our country, and how different it would be for them this time around. South Korea has came so far and continues to grow and stabilize as their own nation. We went to church on Sunday, and had dinner at the Atkinsons, with Kelsey and Kyle too. The kids went and played on the soccer field for a while. And Jeff and I walked almost halfway home. Kyle has a doctors appointment at the end of this week about his sleep apnea and his tonsils coming out. I am nervous as heck about him having surgery. He will be in good hands, and I know in the long run it is best. But not having my mom or Marie here to help will be hard. The support I will miss the most. Erica cut her toe open this week too. Talk about suck! I was cooking and she was standing in the kitchen with me and dropped a can of mandarin oranges on it. It busted open and she bled all over! It was horrible poor pookie. We were supposed to ride the bullet train this weekend down to the coast, but not sure at this point if we are going to go to Seoul Land for “big” Kyles birthday. I know they are wanting us to do that badly. And we are budgeting ourselves tightly the next 6 months to purchase a car and re-furnish our next home. As well as save up money for when we get home and have to get the big boys to our new location. I am so stoked! We are seriousy on a tight budget, but together I know the discipline needed to do it will come. Jeff and I have certainly learned to function together. And I must say being here has only made our marriage and commitment stronger than ever. I do not doubt his love for us and our family. We made some videos for you all to watch, we miss you so much. The nights are hardest for me b/c I know you all are just waking up and my thoughts tend to take over and not let me sleep. But we are on the downhill slope now and will push through. I am getting excited for fall. It is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love you all!


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