Yongsan, HRC, and a Big Birthday Bash!

Well, getting through this month has been a hard one so far. I am missing the boys terribly, and with Tylors birthday on the 8th it was really hard being here. We are just getting by and counting down our days until our family is whole again. Praying for a change in circumstance and making sure those boys know how much we miss them. I sent another package full of pictures for them last week. They really like the photos. Its hard for me, seeing only half of my kids in them, knowing how much the big guys would absolutely love it here. Just keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we make it through our journey here.

We went to Yongsan last Friday to the War Memorial again, didnt stay long there though. We ended up at Hard Rock Cafe in Itaewon for some good ole’ American food. It was also one of the guys birthdays so we had them come out and sing and bring him an ice cream sundae. We had a great time. The guys had to go back on the bus, so the girls and I stayed down at Yongsan and went shopping, then later took the train home. It was a good time.
Saturday night we had Kyles birthday party a little early. Everyone was already going to be here for the usual “two week dinner” so we just combined it. He had a blast! Got lots of gifts and had so much fun with his little friends. He got a kitchen, and tons of Diego and Hot Wheels stuff. I had to make a homemade cake and improvised, Kyle was impressed, although he might have been the only one, lol! šŸ˜‰ It was really hard to have his party and no one from the family be here. I didnt realize it would choke me up the way it did when they were all singing “Happy Birthday” to him. And although we miss our family so much every single day, our adopted military family here has turned out to be so caring and reliable. It really has helped us get through these hard times.
Sunday was a trip to E-Mart. I had to pick up some things to organize the playroom. I dont know how, but the kids stuff seems to multiply on its own. I took got some pics of the awesome escalators! It was fun, several others went with us, however it rained cats and dogs. We are in the middle of a typhoon apparently, which to those back home isnt much more than a really bad storm there that lasts a few days. Lots and lots of rain! Bucketfulls!
Other than those things, we have just been spending time with friends and making out time here the best it can be. Last week I rode with a girlfriend who is command sponsored here so she drives. We went down to the Yongsan PX to get Kyles kitchen, and we had to take it out of the box for it to fit in her car. It was very different riding all that way by car on the freeway, rather than taking the train. People drive crazy here! I mean crazy. You would not believe it if I told you how badly they do not follow traffic laws. I need to get some pictures, scooters just riding down the sidewalk, people parking on the sidewalk…its nuts!
Trying to keep up with the blog weekly, sometimes I forget or really dont have much to post about and have already talked to so many on the phone. The rains are coming and going weekly now, so we have to get out when we can in between down pours, although it isnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I think we are supposed to be in the eye of the typhoon tomorrow and will try to get some good pics of the heavy rain. They say it gets windy here, but what I have seen isnt worse than back home in Missouri. When I think storms, well, I think black skies, 60 mph winds, and hail, lol. So really, it isnt much here.
We did get our tv finally which completely rocks, we have like 70 channels and only a small handful are American, lol. But still, its better than nothing. The kids are mesmerized by the cartoon channels here. Jeff got his “plant” finally. He has been wanting one for a while. And we finally got some curtains so the Koreans dont see us in our skivies, lol! I will post some pics of the new living room today too.

Love you all and if you stop by leave me a comment! Kyles actual birthday isnt until Friday, we will probably take him to do something special for that day. Sending lots of love to you all! xoxo


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  1. Shellbelle

    Love seeing your updates. Transformers birthday with playdough ROCKS! I’m sure he loved it. It’s nice to hear you guys are makign the best of things! It’s definately an adventure!


  2. Julia

    sometimes your military family can be better than your real family. at least in some aspects. they always understand how hard it is to be in a foreign place, trying to make it through, whole.i love the pictures of kyle’s birthday! i love his little chef’s hat. it looks like he made out (present wise!) and i LOVE the sunglasses on erica LOL so cute.oh, and i’m glad you finally got your “electronic babysitter” LOL i can’t believe you went so long without it!


  3. Jen

    hi!! I love reading your blog and seeing your pictures – I am so glad the birthday went well – I cannot imagine how much you miss your boys though – hang in there, I am pulling for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers


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