Not too busy of a week

Well this week has not been very eventful. Jeff got to come home from the field early, so he was back Tuesday night. Which was wonderful. We got a call from the immigration office saying we needed to add a letter from the commander to our packet on file. So yesterday Jeff took off early and we got on the train and headed towards Uejongbou to get that taken care of.
We were both starving so decided we would just eat somewhere there. We decided to go to KFC. Might I add that it is waaayyyy different than our back home. Not very tasty, but we managed to choke it down and get back on our way. I took a few pictures while we were there. We even got a picture of a monk, lol. There was some kind of promotion going on and all these little cars were lined up and playing loud Korean music, Kyle was jamming. People were stopping to watch him bust a move on the street corner and giggling. I got a couple of shots of that. He was funny!
Today we are just hanging around. Hopefully this weekend we are going to the Co-ex aquarium which will be exciting, it is supposed to be really great. We are going to buy a cooler and pack our lunches and drinks for the day. Who knows who will tag along! Possibly hanging out with friends and making chicken tacos too. Alvarez is going to come over and cook for us! Yeah!
Missing the family very much. I miss the boys something fierce. They had a baseball game last night and Tylor scored all of his teams runs, it was only 2, but…hey…thats pretty good. 😀 My sister is sending some pics this week so as soon as they are here I will get them up. I love you guys, stay safe and keep praying things go our way!
Today is the Korean Memorial Day and there are so many Korean flags flying half mass. And they sounded the sirens this morning. There is a grand ceremony today at the Seoul National Cemetery. I wish we could have gone. I took some pics of all of the flags flying outside our apartment building. Their Memorial Day mourns the loss of life defending their country, just as ours does. I see much respect in their culture for servicemen and the elderly.
I also included a picture of our apartments, building 201, and some of me and the kids outside on the steps. The weather keeps going back and forth from chilly to hot, just like back home in Missouri, lol!

There are also some pictures from the train that I took, just randomn shots of rice patties and the mountains and such. Enjoy!



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  1. Anonymous

    So it looks like everything is going well! How is the cost of living and all that over there? Keep the pics coming!


  2. Cortney

    Hi my name is Cortney and my husband is stationed at Camp Hovey which I believe is close to you. Our 4 month old son and I are planning on moving there in the next few weeks. I was just wondering if you had any tips for us im very nervous! If you dont mind me asking how much you apartment is a month and does BAH go up or down once we go there? How much weight were you allowed to ship over there? Im so nervous but I miss him so bad like you said we also have been apart for almost a year now with basic and AIT. Alrighty thanks for the time I love you blog it got me more excited. Cortney


  3. Diane

    Sup babe…I keep forgetting to come to your new and fabulous blog! Love all the pictures, and I can actually see them from work! I’m glad you wore that American sweatshirt…because with your blonde hair and all, I’m sure you totally blend in ;)Love ya, and am bummed that you are literally on the other end of the earth, so no visits for a while!


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