So now the beginning has been posted, on to the good stuff.

We have now been in South Korea for almost one month. This last week was a very busy week for us. We had to inspect all of our household items moved, which on our claims will have a broken picture, and our priceless family photo gouged and scratched all to hell. Luckily we will be reimbursed for those items.

We had to go to Uijeongbu for our A-3 visas which allows the children and I to live here until February of 2009. And the coveted SOFA stamp as well. It was a little intimidating setting in an immigrations office letting the 18 year old guy go stamping away with our passports. But none the less it is done and I am a little more relaxed now.

Sitting there, I realized how very intimidating it must be for people to come to the United States and sit in my very position. Not understanding our language, or way of life. Our general hustle and bustle and sometimes rude rushed manner. I realize being here that maybe the next time I am trying to communicate with a foreign person in our home land that maybe I should be a little more understanding.

We do not have a Wal-Mart here. We have a store called E-Mart, it is kind of a combination of a Kohls, Target, and Wal-Mart with a furniture store and food court thrown in the mix. It is 4 stories. The escalators are flat and when you put your cart onto them it locks into place with magnets so it doesnt slide. Very interesting, I need to get pictures the next time we are there.

Trash bags are insanely expensive here, they recycle almost everything. Our purchase yesterday consisted of enviroment friendly trash bags, and 3 recycle containers we can just go dump into the appropriate place at the trash collection outside our apartment complex.

Our adventure a couple weeks ago while Marie was here consisted of a trip to Yongsan, Uijeonbou, and to the Korean War Memorial. I will post a couple pictures for you. She had a good time, I was sad to see her go.

We have Skype if anyone wants to chat via webcam, its awesome.

I wish Clint had it for the boys, I am missing them terribly. Luke had baseball practice and hit a home run and caught every ball thrown his way, he is enjoying it tremendously. Kyle talks about his “bubbas” every single day. It is getting very hard. The distance sucks. I really believe the boys would love it here. Jeff has a hard time too. I know Clint is their biological father, but Jeff thinks of them as his own…he loves them and misses them so much. It is frustrating for us because we do not feel complete without them. Mom is going to take pictures this week at their baseball game, and Cathy is going to go get them and let them use her webcam to call so we can see them. Going to send them a package home soon with some pretty neat stuff in it. I bought them a photo album and a box to keep all of their stuff we send home for them. They are such wonderful young men and keep praying that he will change his mind.

Here are some pictures from a couple weeks ago.

The temple is Jongmyo Royal Shrine. So much left to explore, and we need to do a lot before the monsoons hit. They are expected to arrive late June. We are hoping to head to the beach this next weekend down south. And a trip to Everland is in store soon too. It is like the Korean Disneyland, lol. pretty cool.

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